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Do This Android App Privacy Audit Right Now

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Do This Android App Privacy Audit Right Now-GadgetAny
Android App Privacy Audit

All new Android gives you power over what, how, and when apps and access to your data.

The reputation of Android doesn’t care about your privacy; it is no more the case. If you have an Android phone, you have the power to control which app can access your data. All new privacy features are here; it is up to you whether or not you give them access to your location, for example. You must be aware of the permissions your phone asks you for. Revisit those options, and you can also do a privacy permissions audit.

We must thank Google for the push for better controls. Almost every Android smartphone has a dedicated Permissions Manager that provides one platform where you can choose to give permissions to applications whether or not they can access your call logs, camera, microphone, location, contacts, files, physical activity, and more. To open Permission manager, you first go to the Settings app and then to Privacy>Permission Manager. The different phones might use another name for it. You can look for permissions in the Settings app. You will be able to see a complete list of available licenses.

 Android App Privacy Audit

You can go through the list and identify if there is any specific permission for an app you are looking for. For example, Instagram asks for a location, or any other application asks for your call logs access. Choose an app and then switch to either allow or don’t allow the option for that particular application. Please note that some features might require this permission to work. If you return to an app and some feature doesn’t work, then go back to the setting and allow the permissions it requires.

If you don’t want some app to disturb you repeatedly, you can customize its permissions accordingly. Now that you know how permissions work in newer Android versions, you can go through the apps and revoke access per your requirement.

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