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End-to-end encrypted DMs on Twitter – Seriously!!!

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End-to-end encrypted DMs on Twitter – Seriously!!!-GadgetAny
End-to-end encrypted DMs on Twitter

Yes, way!!! Twitter might soon consist of end-to-end encrypted DMs. The new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, wants Twitter to become a secure platform for communicating safely. Additionally, Musk said that the direct messages on the platform should possess end-to-end encryption, like Signal Messenger. 

Furthermore, Musk believes the feature is significant for users who utilize Twitter’s direct messages for their needs and talking with mutual accounts. Additionally, privacy is utmost in such scenarios. The reason is that end-to-end encryption on Twitter DMs will prevent hacking and spying of messages. Since many communication apps already offer the feature, why shouldn’t social media platforms do the same? 

encrypted DMs on Twitter

Moreover, the increasing rate of cybercrimes like hacking has breached many users’ privacy. As a result, users are always instilled with fear when using a messaging feature on social media platforms. Musk intends to conquer that fear from Twitter users’ minds. Plus, early 2021 saw escalating concerns regarding the spying of texts in several messaging apps by companies or other entities. Thus, a move to employ end-to-end encryption to messages on numerous platforms began. 

Additionally, many apps like Signal Messenger, from Moxie Marlinspike and other co-founders, gave users exactly that security. Signal Messenger is a famous app containing end-to-end encryption for Twitter DMs and data. In addition, Elon Musk once praised the app in a tweet. Interestingly, the tweet alone raised the stocks of Signal Messenger after a slight mishap. Hence, the Tesla CEO advocates employing the encrypted messaging feature on any communicating app. Elon believes that users get to enjoy messaging their loved ones without the fear of getting hacked or losing data. 


Moreover, Musk plans to take Twitter private to promote free speech on the platform without restrictions beyond the law. Hence, it wouldn’t b surprising to be able to send end-to-end encrypted Twitter  DMs on Twitter soon.

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