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Eufy’s smart security camera does not need Wi-Fi

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Eufy’s smart security camera does not need Wi-Fi-GadgetAny
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Wire-free surveillance has now become a thing. So, aside from dealing with the trouble of securing a traditional security camera, WiFi-enabled ones are more conspicuous. But, Eufy smart security camera – the 4G Starlight camera, does not even need WiFi.

Plus, WiFi possesses a limited range of connections. Hence, there would always be places where one cannot install a security camera. However, Eufy solves that problem.

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Eufy’s 4G Starlight camera

Eufy is a part of Anker Innovations, a famous consumer electronics brand. It develops smart home appliances to enhance the standard of living. 

4G Starlight smart security camera is Eufy smart security camera, not requiring WiFi connectivity for surveillance. Instead, it uses 4G LTE cellular connectivity. Additionally, the Eufy app on a phone or tablet helps users connect to the camera through AT&T. It has a built-in GPS location tool to find the camera if it gets stolen or lost. Therefore, users can install the 4G Starlight camera in any remote location unattended. However, the smart security camera still provides access to any footage it records to the owners through the app.

4G Starlight’s Specs

The Starlight offers 2K resolution, 2.5x digital zoom, and color night vision. In addition, it consists of a starlight sensor with a 5MP lens and a spotlight. Besides that, it possesses a battery life of up to three months. Furthermore, the 4G Starlight has an in-built smart detection system that uses onboard AI to detect people. Eufy boasts that its smart detection technology is five times faster than cloud-based AI. 

EUFY-wifi free camera


On an added note, the 4G Starlight also consists of an optional solar panel (of 2.6W) for prolonged battery life. Additionally, the solar panel requires just a few hours of direct sunlight each day to power the camera. Likewise, Starlight also charges through a USB-C cable. Moreover, it contains a non-removable 8GB enhanced multimedia card to store footage. In addition, it flaunts an IP67-rated exterior body design, making it dust and water-resistant. Also, Eufy’s new smart security camera can withstand extreme temperatures from -4 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Eufy’s 4G Starlight smart security camera will release on April 15, 2022. As stated by the company, the security camera’s price will be $249. In addition, the optional solar panel will cost $20 and a monthly service fee of around $30 for the AT&T card. However, Eufy will sell the AT&T SIM card separately. Also, there will be no monthly fees required to view saved footage. Lastly, although Eufy has a cloud subscription service, 4G Starlight will not offer cloud storage to the users. 

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