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Expect the Unexpected: Huawei drops jaws at MWC 2023

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Image Credit: Huawei Just when the rest of the world had given up already, Huawei shows up and makes heads turn at MWC 2023. If you wish to be a show stealer, this is how you do it! At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona 2023, Huawei revealed a series of One 5G solutions that are capable of driving all bands to 5G. By flaunting its 5G developments, Huawei successfully declared a message that it is here to stay. "The rapid development of 5G will stimulate the evolution of all bands to 5G," said Cao Ming, president of Huawei Wireless Product Line. "To help operators maximize the value of each band and continuously improve network capabilities in multiple dimensions, Huawei's One 5G solutions not only deliver industry-leading performance, but also feature simplified O&M and deployment, as well as unrivaled energy efficiency and evolution ability.” Huawei had to face numerous battles over the past few years, particularly its trouble with the Trump administration which led to the banishment of Huawei from the US market. Adding salt to the wounds, the administration also cut the company off from US technology, so it was not able to put android on its phone. Left with no other choice, Huawei launched its own operating system while traversing never-ending challenges. However, the MWC proved that Huawei is a force to be reckoned with and showed the world that it is not dead yet. Huawei easily occupied the largest exhibition space at the MWC 2023, covering almost half of the hall. The new solutions include the 5.5G network, the next-generation microwave MAGICSwave, the world's first Dual-Engine Container solution, the Digital Managed Network Solution, One 5G solution, a new ICT Digital Intelligence Service and Software Solution, and a new Storage Solution to build Data Infrastructure. Huawei has planned out five major characteristics of the 5.5G era: 10 Gbps experiences, full-scenario interconnection, integrated sensing and communication, level 4 autonomous driving networks, and green information and communications technology. Li said the transition from 5G to 5.5G will be essential to meet these increasing demands. “Huawei will join hands with global operators to accelerate network upgrades and the application of new technologies, helping operators continuously expand their business boundaries and seize opportunities with ultimate user experience to lead the future,” Li concluded. 

By Awanish Kumar

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