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Follow Me – TikTok’s new program for small businesses

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Follow Me – TikTok’s new program for small businesses-GadgetAny
Follow Me - TikTok’s

TikTok kicked off a new ‘Follow Me’ initiative on July 11 to help small businesses market themselves better on the platform. The program is free and will help these businesses become TikTok advertisers. It will guide them on how to use the platform’s range of business and creative tools. In addition, it will offer help on how to use the advertising and promotional features. Plus, also coaching from other small business owners. 

Interestingly, the ‘Follow Me’ initiative comes on the heels of TikTok facing a regulatory investigation into its privacy policy changes in the EU. It concerns issues related to user consent for personalized advertising. 

But, the launch of the new program shows that TikTok aims to become the next ‘big social ads giant.’ Besides that, the company wants to offer advertisers more ‘diversity’ for their social ads beyond Meta, Snap, and Twitter. 

Follow Me - TikTok’s

Furthermore, TikTok’s ad revenue is rapidly growing. And according to estimates from Insider Intelligence, it is expected to triple in 2022, reaching $11.6 billion. Thus, surpassing both Snap and Twitter combined. In addition, by 2024, it might reach $23.58 billion. However, it still won’t be able to compete with Meta, whose ad revenue was $115 billion in 2021. So, to reach that level, TikTok needs to target small businesses. And that’s the reason for the platform announcing the ‘Follow Me’ program. 

Follow Me

The initiative involves different roadmaps small businesses can follow depending on their goals. It is a six-week program involving an email series that will guide small businesses to run their first TikTok campaign and integrate their brand’s story into videos. The ‘Follow Me’ program will also teach them how to set up their business accounts. And also how to access TikTok’s Creative Center to get more inspiration for content. Finally, it will guide them using other tools, like Ads Manager and Promotion features. 

Moreover, TikTok has also recruited successful small business owners as “Small Business Ambassadors.” They will offer coaching and tips to reach the platform’s community. The ambassadors include Cassie Sorensen (Tassel Amor) and Jacob Zander (Feel Your Soul). 


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