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For Fenix 6 smartwatches, Garmin has released Beta Version 25.76

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Photo Credit: Reddit Version 25.76 for the Fenix 6 and MARQ line of smartwatches has been issued by Garmin. The update adds a new activity to compatible devices and makes a number of enhancements. Several bugs, including those with the low battery power mode and when connecting headphones, have been resolved. For the MARQ and Garmin Fenix 6 smartwatches, beta Version 25.76 is now accessible. The update brings a new Obstacle Course Racing activity, increases the voice instructions played during an activity, and links Swim activities to a better calorie burn algorithm. Through Beta Version 12.09, these enhancements have also been made available to the Instinct 2 Series smartwatches. Enrolling in and Learning About Garmin Beta Software Program | Garmin Customer Support Photo Credit: Garmin Customer Support The revised Altitude Acclimation widget, which may now provide altitude acclimation as a percentage, is one of the additional upgrades that are particular to the Fenix 6 and MARQ devices. Customers have the option to turn off auto-lap notifications when playing golf. Moreover, if tracking is chosen and an inReach device is out of range, you are now prompted. Version 25.76 of the devices makes it possible to distinguish between skiing downhill and using a ski lift when skiing. The update includes a number of bug fixes, including the failure of low battery notifications to initiate a transfer between power modes and a UI problem while editing alarms. There are no longer any issues with the default battery mode settings or connecting headphones. Issues that prevented the weight setting from being automatically repeated in additional sets of the Strength activity or that led to a device crash have also been repaired. While eligible devices receive standard Garmin Beta updates automatically, this new software needs to be sideloaded into your smartwatch. You can use Garmin Connect to sign up for the Garmin Beta Program. In particular for alpha updates, the firm has revealed steps to simplify the system.

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