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Forget Power Banks, Switch to Energizer Hard Case P28K

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Remember the phone with the seemingly limitless 18,000mAh battery from four years back? With the Energizer Hard Case P28K, which has an incredible 28,000mAh battery, Avenir Telecom is back, pushing the limits of mobile power once more. For individuals who want the best possible off-grid performance, this phone is made. The P28K is ideal for adventurers, frequent travellers, or anyone who simply detests being dependent on a wall outlet because of its battery, which is said to last for an entire week on a single charge. Even better, it has a tough IP69 rating that protects it from water, dust, and drops, making it perfect for difficult conditions. However, there's a catch (or two). Hold on. Despite having a rather rough appearance, the P28K is a real device, weighing 570g and measuring 27.8mm thick. That is more than three times the weight and thickness of an iPhone 15. Therefore, don't bother trying to fit this phone inside your pocket. Avenir Telecom returns with Energizer Hard Case P28K. However, the P28K offers some respectable features for those prepared to forgo portability and size in exchange for unmatched battery life. It has three rear cameras, 256GB of storage, 8GB of RAM, and an enormous 6.78-inch 1080p LCD screen. It is powered by Android 14. Its "nondescript" MediaTek processor and lack of 5G are concessions, but they probably add to its remarkable battery life. With support for rapid charging up to 33W, the P28K also has excellent charging speed. You won't probably have to wait long to top off this enormous device while we wait for an official charging time estimate. October 2024 will see the worldwide (but not the US) release of the Energizer Hard Case P28K, which will retail for €249.99. For those seeking a phone that puts an almost infinite battery life first, the P28K could be the perfect pocket (or rather, backpack) powerhouse.

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