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PC Displays To Become More Strange, Geminos Display For Example

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PC Displays To Become More Strange, Geminos Display For Example-GadgetAny
Geminos folding dual-screen

A crowdfunding campaign for Geminos folding dual-screen clamshell displays offers a superb alternative for people who intend to replace a side-by-side monitor setup. Mobile Pixels (portable monitors manufacturer) is the one running this campaign. 

Furthermore, the campaign states that a side-by-side monitor setup “take up too much space.” And their design is not ergonomic. Hence, the Geminos range is the perfect alternative to it. Besides, the Geminos displays resemble Samsung’s Odyssey Ark without carrying its hefty price tag, starting from $499. 

Geminos folding dual-screen

The Geminos line – Details

The Geminos range of displays offers much more than a folding design and a less expensive price tag. For instance, the Geminos and Geminos X have built-in speakers and a 1080p webcam. In addition, their docking station has two HDMI ports, two USB-A ports, a 3.5mm audio jack, an ethernet port, TF / SD card reader, and USB-C (100W). However, there is no specific mention of the HDMI and USB ports’ generations. 

Furthermore, both models use two 24-inch displays with a central hinge and adjustable pedestal stand. However, there are certain display specifications where they differ. For instance, the Geminos have a 1080p resolution with a 60Hz refresh rate and 250 nits brightness. And the Geminos X has a 1440p resolution set at 75Hz and 300 nits.

Moreover, both the Geminos displays flaunt a clamshell design that enables them to fold in half. Additionally, users can adjust their position from fully open to fully close. Thus, the Geminos series provides more flexibility than any other stacked dual-monitor setup. 

Geminos folding dual-screen

Additionally, users can use both displays in Geminos with a single cable. But, they need to download the Mobile Pixels driver. Therefore, MacBook Air users, which allow only a single additional display output, can use both screens of Geminos. 

What’s more

Mobile Pixels announced the Geminos campaign on Kickstarter on July 20. Surprisingly, it quickly garnered attention from interested backers and reached its original goal of $25,000 in 36 minutes. Currently, over $1.6 million has been pledged to the project. 

Interestingly, if the campaign exceeds $1.75 million before it finishes on September 3, the company will upgrade the bottom display of the Geminos X to 10-point touch capabilities for an additional $50. The Geminos and Geminos X currently have an early bird price of $499 and $649, respectively. However, their prices might likely double when the products enter the retail market. 

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