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Google AI – The best practice partner for job interviews

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Google AI – The best practice partner for job interviews-GadgetAny
Google AI practice partner for job interviews

Many people get anxious over job interviews, and it is not that uncommon. As a result, they are bound to mess up answering questions due to their anxiety. And this can be bad, very bad. So, to tackle such problems, people have mock job interviews with friends or colleagues. In fact, there are even guides available on the internet and on LinkedIn and other apps for that purpose. But, practicing for a job interview with Google AI (artificial intelligence) beats them all. 

Google AI

Interview Warmup tool

Interestingly, Google boasts that its algorithms are excellent for getting users ready for a job interview. Consequently, the company introduced an Interview Warmup tool for that purpose. Google uses AI for this tool to help users prepare for job interviews beforehand across a wide range of roles. Furthermore, the Interview Warmup tool asks typical interview questions like, ”Tell us a bit about yourself.” Users can either respond vocally or type their answers. The Google tool then uses AI to analyze those voiced or typed responses to determine areas for improvement. Thus, it will let users know if they overuse specific words or need to dedicate more time talking about a given subject. 

Moreover, Google’s Interview Warmup seems to aim to offer support to Google Career Certificates users to get jobs. The reason is that most of the role-specific questions asked by this Google AI tool reflect that. However, it also includes general job interview questions. In addition, Google plans to expand this tool to provide aid to more candidates. Most importantly, the Interview Warmup tool is currently only available in the US. Lastly, recruiters have also been increasingly using AI for the hiring process. However, it only serves the purpose of companies during their selection process and not the candidates. And even if practicing for a job interview with Google AI cannot compete with that, it surely helps brush up skills. 

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