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Google Chat gets an impressive update – See What New

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Google Chat gets an impressive update – See What New-GadgetAny
Google Chat new update 

The new Google Chat update will now enable users to set which contacts can reach them in Focus mode on iOS devices. The update applies to both the Chat app and the one present in Gmail. Google states, “iOS users will be able to specify which Google Chat and Gmail contacts they can still get notifications from in Focus mode.” The update is significant for users who want to limit their screen time without staying out of the loop. 

Focus mode lets users adjust which apps or contacts can reach them in the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. Furthermore, it is marked by a pill consisting of different icons and appears under the time/date on the lock screen. Additionally, the latest Google Chat update will allow users to view their contacts’ profile pictures with the notifications. Hence, users can identify who is messaging them on the Google Chat notification on their iOS devices’ lock screen. Fortunately, this is very efficient instead of just a logo appearing on the screen. 

Google Chat

Moreover, both the changes with the recent Chat update will gradually be accessible to users over the coming weeks. They will be available to all Google Workspace, legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers. On an added note, the changes will also be accessible to users with personal Google accounts. 

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