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Google halts its own AR glass project

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Google halts its own AR glass project-GadgetAny
Google AR Glasses

Image credit : Google

The company played a big role in introducing augmented reality wearables to the globe with Google Glass. The business put that early gear on hold and began working on new internal initiatives, one of which being the Iris AR glasses.

Early prototypes purportedly resembled a device named “Focals” by North, a Canadian business that Google acquired in 2020. These were intended to look like a typical pair of spectacles. In a video presentation, Google even showed off a more recent version with an in-app real-time translating feature.

Google AR Glasses
Image credit : Google

Iris has reportedly been shelved by the corporation as a result of waves of layoffs and organizational changes. The departure of Clay Bavor, the organization’s former head of augmented and virtual reality, was another incident that influenced Google’s choice.

Google appears to have shifted its attention away from developing its own hardware and towards constructing a “Android for AR” ecosystem. Right now, that involves developing Android XR for Samsung’s wearable “extended reality” device.

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If we use Google’s strategy for Android as a model, another five years should pass before we maybe see the Pixel XR spectacles.

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