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Magic Eraser Feature in Pixel 6A is the New Talk in Town

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Magic Eraser Feature in Pixel 6A is the New Talk in Town-GadgetAny

Google introduced the Magic Eraser feature with the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. And now, it is bringing the tool to its upcoming Pixel 6A handset with new functionality. Magic Eraser removes or masks distracting elements from images. Thus, users no longer need a Photoshop subscription to edit photos. Additionally, the new functionality – Camouflage, will change the color of any distractions in a shot, blending them into the backdrop or foreground.

How to use the Magic Eraser tool

Magic Eraser feature in the Pixel 6A 

Enabling the feature on the Pixel phones (Pixel 6, 6 Pro, and 6A)
  • Go to Google Photos
  • Then, users need to open the image they wish to edit
  • Magic Eraser might appear in one of the suggested editing tools. If it does not, then users can tap Edit Tools > Magic Eraser

In addition, users can even open the tool while browsing through their pictures and tapping the suggestion to “Remove people in the background.” 

Once the tool is open, it will look for areas it can suggest users for erasing. If Magic Eraser discovers such areas, a “Suggestions found” text will appear at the bottom of the screen. And the suggestions get highlighted in the photo with a white border. 


Pixel 6A gets a new Camouflage mode

On Pixel 6A, users will also find a toggle at the bottom of the screen to switch between two modes – Erase and Camouflage. The Erase mode will entirely remove any object, using AI to fill in the gap based on the image’s context. Meanwhile, the Camouflage mode will change the color or brightness of the area to blend it with the picture’s backdrop. 

After selecting the mode, users need to tap on Erase all or Camouflage all. Users can also manually select an object or area to use the Magic Eraser tool. As a result, they can either brush over the entire object or circle it. Plus, zooming in would be helpful when choosing an area manually. And once users have selected the desired area, the tool will automatically apply the effects. Fortunately, users also have the options of the undo and redo buttons at the bottom. Therefore, they can un-apply or re-apply any changes or even tap Reset to return to the original image. Or, users can click on Done to save their changes or go back to the main editing screen to use more editing tools or save a copy of the picture. 

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