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Google introduces new Google Keep Tile to Wear OS smartwatches

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Google introduces new Google Keep Tile to Wear OS smartwatches-GadgetAny
Samsung returns to Wear OS with the Galaxy Watch 4

Image credit : TechCrunch

Google has consistently updated the Wear OS smartwatch platform with new features. A new Tile for Google Keep was just introduced, enabling users to instantly create new lists and notes and explore their existing ones from their wrist. The business is now developing a new feature that will enable users to pin notes for rapid access.

Google is developing a new Tile for Google Keep that will allow users to view a note or list, according to 9To5Google. The new functionality will prompt users to select a note or list, and once they do, it will show the note’s contents when the user changes to that Tile. This functionality is simple and resembles the Single Note widget in Google Keep on Android smartphones and tablets.

Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth 40 mm (Image credit Samsung)

This feature hasn’t yet been released, but 9To5Google was able to find evidence of it through an APK code dissection. Therefore, we don’t yet know how it appears or when it will be available for Wear OS smartwatches like the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5. Additionally, it’s not clear if this Tile supports Always-on Display (AoD). Recently, Google Maps received AoD support, which shows navigation steps even while the watch’s screen is off. Google Keep would also profit from an equivalent function.

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Google re-energized support for Android tablets and Wear OS wearables, offering better cross-device capabilities and deeper integration. It promised to make improvements to its app designs with Android 12L so they would better utilize the larger screens on foldable phones and tablets. It collaborated with Samsung on Wear OS 3 to enhance the functionality, effectiveness, and features of smartwatches.

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