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Google Pixel Fold hands-on video leak shows its majestic fold

(Image Credit Google)
Image credit : CNET Although it seems like we've been hearing about the Google Pixel Fold for a very long time, the device is finally anticipated to make its debut at the Google I/O event next month, along with the Pixel 7a and maybe a Pixel Tablet. We now have a good understanding of what to anticipate from the foldable, including the design and camera areas, thanks to a plethora of leaks. Known leaker Kuba Wojciechowski posted a video over the weekend that might possibly be our first actual glimpse of the Pixel Fold in use. The cover display and the larger internal screen are both visible in the video Wojciechowski posted on Twitter. Here, large bezels are noticeable, which is a far cry from the elegant design of the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Since a major portion of the video has been blocked out for privacy, we can't really tell from it how good the screen is. However, this helps us understand the foldable's design better in advance of its anticipated release next month. [caption id="attachment_149696" align="aligncenter" width="690"]Google Pixel Fold Image credit : Gizmochina[/caption] According to repot, the Pixel Fold might have the "most durable hinge on a foldable." According to the same CNBC report, the phone would weigh just 284 grams and even be water resistant. In January, rumors surfaced that the Pixel Fold would include a teardrop-shaped hinge, like the foldables introduced by Vivo. For the Galaxy Z Fold 5, Samsung is allegedly developing a similar hinge that might make it thinner than its predecessor. Also read : Galaxy Z Fold 4: Samsung’s Foldable Phone 7 Months After Release This flurry of excitement surrounding the Pixel Fold follows a recent survey that predicted a successful year for the US foldable market. The majority of the Workspace apps should work with the Pixel Fold as Google has already changed a few of its apps to support the foldable design.

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