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Google Play Games Beta Launches Outside the United States

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As per reports, users in Korea, Thailand, Hongkong, Taiwan, and Australia will be able to enroll in the Google Play Games for open beta on their laptops or PCs. Typically, this prospectus of games would be restricted to Chromebooks or other Android-enabled devices. Still, it will soon be available and able to run inseparably on PCs for users in those select countries. Google Play Games Beta   Although the open beta isn’t recently available to users in other markets, Windows 11 users have had access to Android apps from the Amazon app store for some time. Moreover, in December last year, Google revealed it would bring its catalog of Android games to Windows PCs. Additionally, the beta is set to include around 50 games at launch, including titles like Summoners War, Cookie Run: Kingdom, Last Fortress: Underground, and Top War, characterizing a player base ranging in the hundreds of millions. Google Play Games Beta   Substantially, PC users have been able to run Android apps through emulators like Nox or BlueStacks, but running these much in the same with your OS can be uncommonly taxing on your system’s resources, even though the minimum specs for running Google Play Games are meager. However, Google has claimed that the minimum specs for running Google Play Games on a PC will be enabled for just about any machine made in the past five years will be able to run its catalog with ease. Google Play Games Beta   In addition to being able to play on a larger screen, allowing for preferable performance, and not to mention additional control options, Google Play Games will enable you to sync your progress across devices, allowing you to carry a singular save game from your PC to your mobile device and back again. Meanwhile, Google is planning to expand the beta to add other markets sometime later this year, but no confirmed dates have been announced as of yet.

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