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Gmail To Get A New User Interface, See What It Will Look Like?

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Gmail To Get A New User Interface, See What It Will Look Like?-GadgetAny

In February, Google started rolling out a new and updated user interface for Gmail. But, from June 28, the new Gmail user interface will become opt-out instead of opt-in. Thus, all Google accounts will soon switch to the new UI view by default. Additionally, the new Gmail UI brings Meet, Chat, and Spaces closer and applies more of its Material You styling effects. 

Furthermore, the new Gmail UI is not a significant change. However, with Google transitioning through its messaging apps and improving the Workspace suite, any update gets quite focused. Additionally, the updated Gmail user interface collects buttons for Mail, Meet, Spaces, and Chat into a single list at the top of the left rail rather than showing several conversations from each one in a list. Plus, users can still easily access their conversations without having everything simultaneously on the screen. In addition, they can quickly jump into a chat in any one section as a list will pop out when they click on its icon. 

Gmail to a new user interface soon

Moreover, users can also have a specific form of communication on screen without the others like Gmail. The reason is that Chat and the rest do not appear anymore below the users’ inboxes and labels. Also, users can choose which apps they want to include there in the Quick Settings menu. Thus, they can easily switch to the old Gmail user interface view if they wish.  

What’s more

Additionally, Google revealed that the new Gmail UI update is an “extended rollout” instead of its usual 15-day rollout for features and updates. Thus, it might take a bit longer for the interfaces of Workspace and personal Gmail users’ to change on their own. But, users can now try out the new Gmail user interface from the Quick Settings menu. But first, they need to switch from Hangouts to Chat and position the latter in the left-hand menu.  

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