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Google TV Might Soon Add 50 Free Channels: See Details

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Google TV Might Soon Add 50 Free Channels: See Details-GadgetAny

It is always nice to be able to watch free streaming TV channels instead of signing up for a service or downloading an app. And it seems like Google is finally gearing up to offer that capability to Google TV (Android TV’s successor) users. 

A recent report by 9to5Google reveals that they decompiled the latest version of Google TV’s software. Furthermore, the report disclosed that a text found in the software core hints that Google TV might be planning to add 50 free channels soon. Thus, users will soon enjoy almost 50 channels worth of free, ad-supported streaming content.

Free channels on Google TV

Google TV

The text in the launcher app calls the new feature “Google TV Channels.” In addition, an image in the software hints at the channels that the new service might include. 

Furthermore, according to the in-app description, these channels might belong to the fields of news, sports, movies, and shows. Additionally, the app depicts a graphic showcasing more than 30 channels that might be available on Google TV. Here are some of them –

  • NBC News, 
  • ABC News Live, 
  • CBC News,
  • USA Today, 
  • American Classics, 
  • Divorce Court, 
  • Deal or no Deal, 
  • Power Nation, 
  • Hallmark Movies & More, and 
  • Reelz, etc.

Many of these channels are available on other free or less expensive streaming TV services like Pluto TV, Philo, and Sling TV. However, users must sign up for those services to enjoy these channels. But, Google TV will allow users to enjoy these free channels without signing up. 

On the other hand, Google TV’s offer of 50 free channels seems pretty less compared to LG Channels’ and Samsung’s TV Plus’ offer of more than 175 and 200 free channels, respectively. But, on the bright side, Google TV users wouldn’t have to buy a brand-new TV or download an app to enjoy free channels. 

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