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X Now Allows Long-Form Articles

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With the launch of "Articles," a feature that lets users create and share in-depth articles straight on the platform, Elon Musk's social media network X is upending things once more. For X, which has been recognized for its bite-sized material, this is a major change. However, there's a catch before you get too excited: just a small number of individuals are currently able to create these lengthy posts. X Unveils Its "Article Composer" Imagine having a more expansive forum to convey your ideas and thoughts on X. That's what "Article Composer" from X brings to the table. Users may easily create long-form articles with the help of this user-friendly feature that is completely incorporated into the platform. More Than Just Text: A Rich Content Creation Experience Texting isn't where X ends up. The platform acknowledges the value of a multi-media narrative.  "Articles" allows users to immediately embed photos and videos into their articles in addition to style options like bold, italics, and bullet points. This makes it possible to create richer, more captivating material. X Now Allows Long-Form Articles Where Can You Find These Articles? An article that has been published is featured prominently on the user's profile under the special "Articles" page. Furthermore, followers will see these stories appear alongside regular posts in their X timelines, all perfectly integrated. Who Gets to Be a Long-Form Author on X? Currently, only a select few are allowed to write in-depth pieces, which is where things start to become interesting. This feature can only be accessed by Verified Organizations and Premium+ subscribers of X. Is a Premium Subscription Worth It? Based on your X usage, you can decide if a Premium+ subscription is worthwhile. This tier, which was introduced the previous year, costs Rs 1300 a month or Rs 13,600 annually online. It is positioned above the basic and standard options. This is a lot higher than the regular Premium tier, which costs Rs 650 per month or Rs 6,800 per year. X's decision to shift its focus to long-form material is audacious and may appeal to a previously untapped user base that longs for a forum for in-depth analysis and debate.  Some people, nevertheless, might feel left out given the current access restrictions. Will X eventually make this capability available to all users? Time will tell, but one thing is certain: X is keeping things interesting in the constantly changing social media scene.

By Aaem Joshi

I am a Journalist who loves digging up stories that remain unheard. Strongly Believe in the knowledge of the social world.


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