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Horizon Worlds creators can now sell virtual items too!

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Horizon Worlds creators can now sell virtual items too!-GadgetAny
Horizon Worlds

Horizon Worlds is Meta’s social metaverse platform for Quest VR headsets that will soon be available on smartphones. Recently, the company revealed that it is testing features that will enable creators to earn money within Horizon Worlds. However, only a “handful” of creators will be able to sell virtual items to other users in the world they create.

Moreover, creators will be able to sell VIP section access to their world, virtual jewelry items, or special basketball. Additionally, Meta recently set up a $10 million creator fund for participants in the US. Hence, creators with fascinating worlds can earn money through this reward. Interestingly, Meta seems to follow the footsteps of 3D social platforms like Roblox and Rec Room. Both these platforms permit their creators to sell virtual items created by them. 

Horizon World creators

How will the new feature work?

As per the new feature, creators would be able to sell virtual items in their worlds to users who explore them. However, Meta will take a 25% cut from the creators’ sales out of the percentage left after the platform’s fee. So, for example, for platforms with a 30% fee, Meta will take a 25% cut from the remaining 70% of the sale price. Vivek Sharma, Meta’s VP of Horizon, stated, “We think it’s a pretty competitive rate in the market.” Sharma further added, “We believe in other platforms being able to have their share.” 

Furthermore, Horizon Worlds only consists of “Wendyverse” that has advertising. However, Meaghan Fitzgerald, product marketing director for Horizon, says, “ads may be an area we want to explore in the future.”

On an added note, Meta also plans to introduce a “goal-oriented bonus program” for creators. The program will encourage creators to build their worlds using the tools offered by the company. Most importantly, these bonuses will be paid in full and not have any fees. Sharma says the bonuses will depend on the engagement a world receives. 

Moreover, the new features come with Meta’s VR conduct policy and Horizon Worlds’ prohibited content policy. Consequently, Fitzgerald warned that creators who defy these policies would be withdrawn from the program. Lastly, Horizon Worlds will be available on mobile phones later this year. In addition, the company is also in “early discussions” to bring it on gaming consoles.

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