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Horwin’s two “Super Scooter” Concepts Steals The Milan EICMA Motorcycle show

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Horwin’s two “Super Scooter” Concepts Steals The Milan EICMA Motorcycle show-GadgetAny
Horwin will unveil two "super scooter" concepts at the Milan EICMA motorcycle show

Two “Super Scooter” Concepts from Horwin will be unveiled at the EICMA Motorcycle Show in Milan, which depart from the typical motorcycle chassis. The ideas will be unveiled in Milan, Italy, at the EICMA motorcycle show.

Horwin reportedly spent six years researching and developing the SENMENTI 0 and SENMENTI X models, which will be displayed in the aforementioned event, abandoning the conventional designs of a gasoline vehicle and split-type battery. 

The two cars, the IM integrated intelligent chassis, self-balancing technology, and Stand A70, a mobile life laboratory will all be on show by the business.


Both vehicles will be extremely powerful for a maxi-scooter in terms of performance. 

According to a claim from Interesting Engineering, the Senmenti will have a top speed of 200 km/h, or 124 mph. An extreme battery pack with a 16.2 kilowat per hour rate that can be fully charged in just 30 minutes thanks to a super charger will match the speed.


The SENMENTIs will include 30 cameras, sensors, and deep learning processors, according to the report, as Horwin introduces a powerhouse concept to its customers. 

As Horwin switches to a keyless ignition system that can be operated by a Bluetooth connection or a phone application, a key fob will serve as its trigger.

The scooters will also have real-time pressure monitoring, front and rear mm-wave radars for collision and blind spot warnings, hill-start assistance, descent control, and auto-hold in addition to these specifications.

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