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How Data Analytics Can Transform the Hotel Industry

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Sonia Cheng, CEO of Rosewood Hotel Group, recently talked to Washington Post about how data analytics, AI, and robots can transform the hotel industry. Rosewood Hotel Group operates more than 45 hotels in almost 16 countries. The list includes cities like London, Paris, Beijing, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai.  When asked about the current work policy for their corporate employees, Rosewood's CEO said they don't have a "specific rule on how many days a week employees need to come to the office." "If people really need to work from home, they can work from home," Cheng said. She believes this approach enables the company to attract more external talent.  Moreover, Google Chrome and Firefox users are likely to use extensions such as adblockers to help make their browsing more comfortable and protected.  data analytics Furthermore, Cheng revealed that they're looking at how to "eliminate tedious tasks with robotics or machine learning." Therefore, enabling their employees to "simplify processes" in the back office. But, Cheng noted that guests like to build relationships with the hotel's employees, "it's something that technology cannot replace." Hence, she said they must find a "balance between high tech and high touch."

Data Lake House

Cheng stated to Washington Post that "post-pandemic, its essential for them to recognize their guests' names and anticipate their needs." She revealed they are working on developing a centralized system called a "Data Lake House." The design, Cheng claimed, will predict guests' needs based on their profiles and customize their journey accordingly. Cheng said Data Lake House "will transform how they develop their guests' journeys."  data analytics Moreover, through the centralized system, they can analyze data and travel patterns to determine which future Rosewood locations will suit their customers. Hence, Data Lake House will likely use data analytics to capture guests' preferences during their stay and identify if there's a pattern in the type of rooms they like to book


Cheng believes AI, machine learning, and data analytics could transform the future of the hospitality and hotel industry. It could increase efficiency, simplify processes, and improve customer satisfaction. Furthermore, she disclosed in the interview with the Washington Post that they are "looking at different e-commerce projects." Cheng stated that "Rosewood would be more than just a hotel brand. It would be a luxury lifestyle brand offering different curated products."

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