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How To Fix a Tablet When It Does Not Charge

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Our lives depend on most electronic devices; without them, we are incomplete. To start with, put on the switch! There are innumerable times, mainly when preoccupied when we tend to forget to put on the switch even. For example, your child needs the tablet to do their homework, but it is not charging and needs it immediately as the assignment is pending, and taking it to the service center will take more time before it can get fixed. Under these circumstances, you can follow some steps for remedies set at home by yourself. Some essential tricks to get your tab charging again: Charging Tablet
  • Check the charger for any issue
  • Switch off and on the Tab
  • Check for power supply in the socket
  • Check the charging port, and if there is any debris, clear it
  • Update the software if that is stopping your tab from charging
  • See if any app or third party is in the way of charging
  • Check for moisture retention or dampness
  • It may have some issues with the tablet cover; removing it may help
  • Check for any damage
  • Send an error report to the company; many times, their assistance helps in fixing the device
  • The device may require a battery replacement
In typical cases, no-charging is not a big problem; it is quite a minor issue that takes little time and money to fix. However, if none of the above steps help, it does not mean that you need to throw the device and buy a new one, but it only means that you have no choice but to take it to the professionals.

By Saloni Behl

I always had a crush on technology that\'s why I love reviewing the latest tech for the readers.


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