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How to Browse the Internet on Your TCL Roku TV?

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TCL Roku TVs are known for their consumer-friendly interface and access to an extensive range of streaming services. While Roku offers an enormous library of streaming apps, you might be wondering if it is viable to browse the internet for your TCL Roku TV. We will discover the diverse strategies to surf the internet on your TCL Roku TV.

Use the Roku Browser Channel:

Roku presents a dedicated web browser channel called "Roku Browser," which permits you to get admission to the internet on your TCL Roku TV. To use this channel, comply with those steps:
  1. Navigate to the Roku Channel Store in your TCL Roku TV.
  2. Search for "Roku Browser" and set up the channel.
  3. Launch the Roku Browser channel from your property display.
  4. Use the on-display screen keyboard and remote manage to go into internet site URLs, perform searches, and navigate net pages.
While this method affords simple net browsing capabilities, it may offer a different capability than a laptop or smartphone browser because of obstacles in rendering complex websites and the need for more support for plugins like Adobe Flash.

Screen Mirroring:

Another way to get the right access to the internet to your TCL Roku TV is by way of display screen mirroring from a well-matched device consisting of a cellphone, tablet, or PC. Follow these steps:
  1. Ensure your TCL Roku TV and the device you want to reflect are linked to the identical Wi-Fi community.
  2. On your cellular tool, enable screen mirroring or casting (the approach varies depending on the device's running device).
  3. Select your TCL Roku TV because it is the target display device.
  4. Your TV will now display the contents of your mobile device's display, allowing you to browse the internet as you usually would.
This technique offers a more flexible internet surfing revel as you could use the overall abilities of your mobile device's net browser.

External Devices:

If you're searching for a better net surfing experience on your TCL Roku TV, remember to connect external gadgets with a computer or laptop computer. Here's a way to do it:
  • Connect your PC to your TCL Roku TV using an HDMI cable.
  • Ensure your TV has an appropriate HDMI input.
  • Your PC's display might be reflected in your TV, allowing you to browse the internet using your computer's browser.
This method presents the most sturdy internet surfing experience as it permits you to access websites without the restrictions of the Roku Browser channel or the display mirroring approach.


While TCL Roku TVs are mainly designed for streaming content, you could still get admission to the internet via diverse techniques. Whether you pick to apply the Roku Browser channel for basic browsing, screen mirroring for greater versatility to get access to or join an external device for a comprehensive internet revel, you have got alternatives to browse the internet for your TCL Roku TV to fit your wishes.

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