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How to Create Live Wallpapers for iPhone & Android?

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In the sector of smartphones, people love making their phones stand out. One famous way to do that is by changing the background photo, but what if that photograph can move? Well, this is where "live" wallpapers are available. Live wallpapers are like moving backgrounds to your phone. Instead of a static photograph, it is like having a mini video on your display. It looks cool and grabs your attention, but there are a few things to consider.

Battery and Speed

First, live wallpapers can use extra of your phone's battery. So, if you're concerned that your smartphone will be running out of energy too speedily, you need to consider that. Also, if your smartphone is a bit older, using live wallpapers might make it a little slower. But in case you're not too involved with these things, right here's how you may get live wallpapers on both iPhones and Androids.

For iPhone Users:

If you’ve got an iPhone, you're in luck. You can without problems turn one of your Live Photos right into a live wallpaper. Live Photos are the ones with a little icon within the top-right corner of your camera app. When the icon is yellow, Live Photos are on. To use a Live Photo as a live wallpaper, go to your Photos app, discover the "Live Photos" area/album, pick the one you like, tap the Share icon, and pick out "Use as Wallpaper." It's quite easy. But you may do even extra. You also can turn videos or GIFs into Live Photos using apps like Giphy and TikTok. If you need more choices, you could use apps like IntoLive and VideoToLive. Also Read: How to drop the “Hey” from “Hey Siri” on iPhone

For Android Users:

For Android customers, it's a bit extraordinary. You need to apply a 3rd-party app, like "Video to Wallpaper." It's easy to apply and doesn't have too many ads. After you install the app, open it, click the green "+" button, provide your new wallpaper with a name, and choose a video of your smartphone. Then, select "Video to Wallpaper," and your chosen video becomes your new wallpaper. To sum it up, if you need to give your smartphone an active and unique look, live wallpapers are a remarkable choice. Hold in thoughts, that they might use extra battery and slow down older phones. Now you already know the way to make your phone yours with live wallpapers!

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