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How to easily find and connect to Facebook groups 

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How to easily find and connect to Facebook groups -GadgetAny
Facebook groups 

Facebook reveals in a blog post about experimenting with a new sidebar that helps users find their favorite groups quickly. Additionally, it will list all users’ groups and their latest activity within them. For instance, new posts or chats that they have not yet seen. In addition, users can even pin their favorite Facebook groups, so they appear first in the sidebar. Furthermore, users can also discover new groups or create new ones of their own. 

Moreover, Facebook plans to improve how each group is organized, allowing users to jump right into what’s happening. Users will also see a new menu in their Facebook groups, including events, shops, and various other channels. As a result, users can now connect easily with others regarding topics of common interest. 

Furthermore, Maria Smith, the VP of communities at Facebook, revealed that admins could create channels to connect with their groups in small spaces. The setting will be more casual, enabling deeper discussions on common interests. In addition, admins can even organize their communities for focused discussions in different formats. For instance –

Facebook groups 

  • Community chat channels – The space will enable people to message, collaborate, and form deeper relationships across Facebook Groups and Messenger. The experience will be more real-time for users around topics of common interest. 
  • Community audio channels – The feature will allow admins and members to jump in quickly and out of audio conversations in real-time. Additionally, members can turn their cameras on at any time. The audio rooms are kind of similar to Discord. 
  • Community feed channels – The space enables community members to connect at their convenience. In addition, admins can organize communities around topics within the group. So, members can connect based on specific interests. Facebook Groups will also suggest users feed channels they’d like to join. 

Facebook groups 


Facebook launched these new features on Groups to help the admins keep their communities safe, manage interactions, and reduce misinformation. Additionally, Facebook added the option for admins to automatically decline incoming posts identified as containing false information by third-party checkers. Hence, giving the administrators more control over their communities. 

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