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How to Protect Yourself From Scammers, & Hackers on Internet

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The Internet is a source through which we stay in touch with all our dear and near ones even when we are miles apart, but that is not the only thing; there are numerous safety hazards involved with the Internet. We have put together some pointers to help you in keeping yourself safe and alert at all times. Primarily, never take safety precautions for granted. Always follow all the steps in securing your devices with passwords that are not predictable and unique. The apps we so joyfully use, like FB, Instagram, etc., are under serious threat from hackers to track your information. Lockout Facebook Hackers  
  • Always make a habit of setting up two-step verification. Apply for a code generator in the app and then avail the alerts on your email ID too.
  • Beware of the telecalls. The scamster informs you that your system is infected with viruses and tries to gather information about your cards and financial transactions, do not trust them, hang up. You are fine, and so is your system.
  • The Wi-Fi router is under severe attack by malware. The Home Wi-Fi network is the most vulnerable as it is not as secure as it should be from attacks. Make sure to enable WPA 2 and WPA3 on your router. Rename the SSID and the password upon installation as, by default, the passwords are pretty the same.
  • Update the devices as and when required. This trick helps a lot in keeping the bad guys away from hacking your system.
  • Avoid clicking the “unsubscribe” button as it is tempting, but keep away from doing so. When you click on unsubscribe, more unwanted emails are mailed to your email ID. Mark the emails sent from unknown sources as spam.
  • QR codes are the new way of making payments, checking out a website, or going through the restaurant menu. And, of course, the security is compromised as these codes risk your privacy. Make sure to scan the code only if you are 100% sure; otherwise, do not bother.
You can download the QR code reader app, which helps check the code you are trying to scan. scammer QR   Social media is a great way to stay connected with all your loved ones, but it is not advisable to post all your day-to-day activities online. It is like inviting the hackers to go through all your information, not just virtually; they can also create unrest in your life. Too much information is not good. Follow all the necessary precautions while using the Internet and enjoy its benefits. Stay safe!

By Monica Green

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