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How To Update All Of Your Applications & Your Apple TV?

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How To Update All Of Your Applications & Your Apple TV?-GadgetAny
How To Update All Of Your Applications & Your Apple TV?

Making sure the software or operating system is as up-to-date as possible is crucial to maintaining any sophisticated electronic device. This is undoubtedly accurate with Apple TV, whose updates go beyond simply fixing bugs and enhancing security. You may obtain the most recent version of tvOS from them, which can enhance Siri compatibility, add links to Apple products like Music and Fitness+, and introduce new capabilities like Spatial Audio and support for the Matter smart home standard. Additionally, we bet you want to keep all the games and applications on your Apple TV updated so you can access the newest updates to both the content and security.

So, how do Apple TV upgrades operate? Do you have to perform any manual tasks? Everything you need to know is provided here, along with instructions on how to upgrade your Apple TV to fix any issues.

How To Update All Of Your Applications And Your Apple TV
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Do Apple TVs automatically update?

They might, but it’s not a given. Although the setting can be configured to always be on, automated updates don’t always download all updates that are available. This is how you activate it.

  • Open the Apple TV’s home screen and click the Settings gear icon
  • In tvOS, select Settings
  • Go to System
  • Access Software Updates
  • Locate the option to “Update Automatically” and confirm that it is turned on
  • For your Apple TV to automatically update, you must have an internet connection. If it has a strong Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection, you should be fine to go.

How to update an Apple TV manually?

update an Apple TV

Occasionally, you might decide against turning on automatic updates, or the Apple TV can have trouble updating automatically due to a connection issue or another reason. In these situations, you are always free to manually upgrade your Apple TV. Ensure that it is online and take the following actions:

  • First, go to Settings.
  • System is chosen
  • Access Software Updates
  • Locate and pick the Software Update option.

The Apple TV will now look for any available upgrades in step five. Choose Download and install if it indicates that one is available. Wait for the Apple TV to update right now. The update will ultimately be installed after a few restarts. That is typical. Once the procedure is over, you are done.

On an Apple TV, how to update apps?

update an Apple TV

You can choose to enable automatic updates for your Apple TV apps or manually update each app, similar to how tvOS works. Here is what to do.

  • On your Apple TV’s home screen, click the Settings gear icon
  • Navigate to the Apps category
  • Turn on automatic app updates
  • Use the Apps area to find the specific app if you need to push an update for it for whatever reason. If an update is available, you ought to see a button to update in the app’s window.

Updates for Apple TV troubleshooting

Apple TV troubleshooting

Be persistent. When updating your Apple TV to a new version of tvOS, upgrades can occasionally take a while. Give an update additional time if it appears to have stopped downloading or installing. It shouldn’t take more than an hour, but if not, it’s best to wait.

Verify that your Apple TV is connected to the correct wireless network if an update doesn’t seem to be working. It might have unintentionally disconnected.

If an update encounters a problem, it may occasionally return an error message. This may prompt you to restart your Apple TV or to clear all of its settings. Always opt to start over. If nothing else works, just reset all settings because it often removes any customizations you’ve made.

Your Apple TV may display an exclamation point warning message if something goes extremely wrong. For older Apple TV models, you could connect it to a Mac and use iTunes to completely erase and restore settings to remedy the issue. The best course of action is to get in touch with Apple Support and let them know about the issue because this option isn’t available for newer Apple TVs.

Remember that older Apple TVs won’t have the same level of tvOS support as more recent models. The most recent tvOS upgrades cannot be installed on an older Apple TV device, such as a third-generation Apple TV from 2012. You might want to think about switching to a newer model, such as the less expensive Apple TV 4K from 2022.

Additionally, we have a fantastic overview of some typical Apple TV issues and solutions.

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