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How to Use HomePod and HomePod Mini’s Temperature and Humidity Sensors

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How to Use HomePod and HomePod Mini’s Temperature and Humidity Sensors-GadgetAny
Homepod Mini

The second-generation HomePod and all HomePod small variants now have humidity and temperature monitoring according to a HomePod 16.3 software update that Apple published in January 2023. How to use the features is covered in this article.

Feature for HomePod tiny humidity and temperature
The second-generation full-size HomePod with temperature and humidity sensors that can be used to evaluate indoor climate was unveiled by Apple in January 2023, but the company also published a software update that added the same capabilities to current HomePod tiny units.

How To Use Your HomePod's Temperature and Humidity Sensors - The Mac  Observer
Image credit- The Mac Observer

Temperature and humidity sensors on Apple’s HomePod mini were previously reported to be inactive, but the company has since upgraded the software such that these sensors are now functional on the smaller smart speaker. Sadly, the original HomePod does not come with these sensors.

Make sure your iPhone or iPad is updated to version 16.3 or later in order to update the HomePod software to version 16.3, then follow these instructions to acquire a readout from the sensors.

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Launch the Home app on your iPad or iPhone.

  • Choose your house, then the room that contains the HomePod. Alternatively, click the Climate button at the top of your home’s main screen.
  • At the top of the screen, look for the temperature and humidity measurements.
  • If there are several temperature sensors in the space, the average of them will be shown.
  • To access further options, hit the sensor button one more after tapping the readout.
  • The sensor’s name, the room to which it is connected, its condition, and automation can all be changed in the menu card that shows.
Apple HomePod Mini reportedly has a secret sensor for temperature, humidity  - CNET
Image credit- CNET

All there is to it is that. Keep in mind that if you want a readout, you can also tap the Climate button on the main Home app panel. Check out the automation options, which are useful for turning on or off other devices in the space based on changes in temperature or humidity.

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