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‘I roam the world to film sex scenes for OnlyFans – but one night stands shock me’

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‘I roam the world to film sex scenes for OnlyFans – but one night stands shock me’-GadgetAny

A lovely OnlyFans model confessed she spends $50,000 (about £38,000) on vacations each year, and while enjoying herself in the sun, she records sensual sequences.

Swedish Bella, a person from the US who goes by the name Monica Huldt, was formerly a teacher in her native Sweden.

However, she traveled to Arizona and left her job to produce X-rated video for the erotic subscription site. She now lives there with her husband.

The 37-year-old has now admitted that she may earn up to $900,000 (£687,000) annually from sharing obscene photos.

Additionally, Monica has a stunning 2.4 million followers on her Instagram account, @swedish bella, where she frequently shares provocative bikini and lingerie photographs.

She also doesn’t stay home to be happy because Monica enjoys traveling and says it’s a requirement of being an OnlyFans model.

The blonde bombshell told Daily Star: “I go on vacation twice a year but I travel a lot for work. Mostly LA and Florida when it comes to work.

“OnlyFans models usually coordinate trips together for networking and for content.

“So these content trips are all over – US, Bali, Costa Rica, Miami , Mexico.

“A lot of girls go to Tulum and Costa Rica.

“I probably spend around $50.000 on vacations every year.”

Monica stated that her favorite hotspot for trips is in Europe.

She explained: “My favorite destination is Greece, especially Zakinthos.

“I’ve been there over 15 times. The food, the people and the beaches.


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“It’s an amazing island with cool panties and a laidback attitude. It’s awesome.”

Monica told us: “The wildest thing I have seen when I was traveling would probably be a couple that was next to me on the beach, in the middle of the day having sex.

“Just like that in the open. That was pretty wild. This was in Greece.

“I have also heard about a strip club in Thailand where my friend went, and the girls were putting Christmas lights up their private parts.”

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