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Samsung’s Smallest 200 Megapixel Camera Sensor – ISOCELL HP3

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Samsung’s Smallest 200 Megapixel Camera Sensor – ISOCELL HP3-GadgetAny

Recently, Samsung Electronics revealed the ISOCELL HP3 camera sensor. The company’s smallest 200-megapixel camera sensor will enable manufacturers to keep the smartphones slim. Furthermore, although the sensor has the smallest pixels yet, it includes significant functionalities. For instance, it has autofocus capabilities in every pixel, binning for better low light capability and multi-gain ISO for maximum dynamic range. 

Additionally, the ISOCELL HP3 sensor is 1/1.4-inches in size, which is quite large for a handset. However, in comparison, it is tiny for a 200-megapixel sensor. Interestingly, Samsung boasts of possessing tiny pixels at 0.56 microns in the industry. And that is 20 percent smaller than the 0.64-micron pixels of the ISOCELL HP1 Samsung released in 2021. 

But unfortunately, there is another contender with claims similar to that of Samsung. A Chinese manufacturer, OmniVision, also contains a 200-megapixel sensor with a 0.56-micron pixel size they launched in February. 


However, Samsung’s ISOCELL HP3 flaunts some unique tech tricks. For instance, each pixel has autofocus detection capability, and the “Super QPD” tech uses single-lens over four pixels. Hence, it enables quicker and more accurate autofocus. In addition, it can bin four 0.56 micron pixels into a larger 1.12 micron 50-megapixel sensor for excellent low light capability. And it can also combine 16 pixels into one 2.24 microns in size. Interestingly, that is still small compared to most camera sensor pixels. Nonetheless, ISOCELL HP3 still offers users quite good low-light shooting functionality. 

What’s more

Besides high-resolution images, ISOCELL HP3 allows 8K video at 30fps and 4K at 120fps at almost full sensor width. Additionally, Samsung’s latest sensor provides 14-bit color depth (4 trillion colors), four times the 12-bit depth of other smartphone sensors. Lastly, Samsung will begin the mass production of ISOCELL HP3 this year. Thus, Samsung fans will likely see 200-megapixel camera sensors in phones in 2023. 

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