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Keep Your Home Wi-Fi Network Safe From Cyber Criminals With These Handy Tips

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All our day-to-day online activities happen using WiFi. Banking, shopping, bill payment, reservations, and whatnot, for all these things, we use WiFi. All devices like laptops, thermostats, phones, etc., are connected to WiFi. WiFi has made the connection to the internet faster and our lives easier, but some safety measures need to be taken. Otherwise, the ease can become a hassle. Along with phishing and scams, breaching personal data will also cost the people of the US $6.9 billion in 2021. At least ten devices are connected on average to the home WiFi network. Laptops, smart watches, smartphones, tabs, etc., all are connected, making room for the WiFi to store so much data that our privacy and security are compromised. Home Wi-Fi Security However, you can keep your data safe with a few simple and easy steps.
  • The WiFi password must be reset once installed and must be strong and unpredictable. It helps to change the password often.
  • Placing your router in the central location not only improves your accessibility but is also helpful in keeping the hackers away.
  • Constantly update your routers and software. In our busy schedule, when a message to update the software pops up, we tend to press the remind me later button and forget. But remember to come back and revise as it is essential.
  • Change the login credentials of the router. Changing the admin name and password is sensible, which helps keep anyone from using the WiFi network.
  • It is good to create a separate WiFi network for guests. If the person visiting you connects to your home WiFi and tries downloading some infected content will affect your network, even without anybody noticing.
  •  The use of paid Virtual Private Network (VPN) is also a good option for security. VPN helps in hiding your activities that are done using WiFi. Free VPN is also available, but a paid VPN offers more protection than the unpaid one.
  • Equip your existing router with the latest WPA3 router. The new ones are already coming out with WPA3 routers, but if your device is before 2018, you can call your service provider and go for the latest WPA3 device.
  • Check on the devices connected to your WiFi network; if you find anything slightly suspicious, immediately disconnect and change the password. 
  • Disabling the remote router access under the admin's settings is another way of protecting your privacy. Anybody can access the router even if they are not connected, so disabling it makes you more covered.
  • Enabling Firewall and WiFi Encryption prevents hacking and eavesdropping that gets transported between the router and connected devices.
Security with smart gadgets will never be 100% safe, but we can be as cautious as possible. Unfortunately, just like regular criminals, cybercriminals lurk to find soft prey. The above steps are some ways to keep your home safe from hackers.

By Awanish Kumar

I keep abreast of the latest technological developments to bring you unfiltered information about gadgets.


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