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Laptops That Are Ideal for Back-to-School & College Activities

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Having a laptop to suit the school activities is challenging as sometimes we spend too much or do not get what we need. With the CoVid shaking up our lives, digital use has even more caught up with every aspect of our life, particularly online classes. Though the pandemic has ended and life is back to normal, and the students attending school and colleges in person, the laptop has become an essential learning tool for students and teachers. It is not the laptop that is bad, but the requirement of what is needed in the school or college is not met. In many cases, the student is not comfortable using the particular laptop. For example, I am a person who has been using an HP, DELL, Macbook and etc. college student new laptop While choosing the right system, we tend to make costly mistakes. But I am trying to save you from making the same mistakes by sharing my experience. In 2014, the Samsung 2-in-1 was the sought-after laptop for school. So I thought this would be an ideal gift for my daughter and bought it to save her from making notes in the book, assuming this would ease her homework. And only upon buying and using the device for a while did we realize the hassles in using it. For example, the screen is not wide enough to correctly write or read, making it a wrong and costly investment. And over time, my daughter felt it was convenient to write in a book with a pen, which is what she ultimately did. college student new laptop After this failed, I looked for another device, the earlier version of Chromebook, but even this turned out to be futile in serving my daughter’s needs at school. Again, the problem was not with the device but the thought process where there was no understanding of the requirement. Chrome was practical only when there was an internet connection where you could access docs and sheets through Google apps, or else it was a useless device.  Following this bad judgment, I understood that getting carried away by the mob mentality is not good. So, first, we need to understand our requirements and the budget beforehand. Then, after a thorough understanding, we can explore the market and find out the features each device has to offer and then make a comparison only then should you buy. The idea should be to get the job done and not how much the device costs; especially with kids, it is always better not to buy expensive stuff as they do not understand the value and care.

By Awanish Kumar

I keep abreast of the latest technological developments to bring you unfiltered information about gadgets.


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