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LEMMO One Hybrid e-Bike Effortlessly Transitions Between Manual & Electric Riding

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LEMMO One Hybrid e-Bike Effortlessly Transitions Between Manual & Electric Riding-GadgetAny
LEMMO one hybrid e-bike

Image credit : https://www.lemmofuture.com

LEMMO One is an acclaimed e-bike that may not be widely known outside of the Netherlands, Germany, and France, as it is only available for shipping in those countries. It stands out as a unique hybrid, functioning both as a traditional bicycle that can be pedaled manually and as a motor-assisted e-bike. Unlike many e-bikes that can be ridden manually but require significant effort due to their weight and integrated components, LEMMO One is intentionally designed to offer dual functionality.

Positioned between a traditional bicycle, an e-bike conversion kit, and a standard e-bike, LEMMO One boasts a sleek and elegant appearance that appeals to minimalism enthusiasts. Its versatility allows it to serve as the perfect all-terrain machine, adapting to various riding preferences and needs.

The e-bike maintains a traditional bike’s aesthetic by hiding all the wiring within the frame. The heart of LEMMO One, known as Smartpac, is located within the frame triangle, appearing like a slim and elegant bike bag.

LEMMO one hybrid e-bike
Image credit : YouTube

Smartpac houses the battery, controller, and connectivity features and communicates with an integrated display on the upper tube. Once Smartpac is attached, the e-bike becomes a 250W motor-assisted bike with 40Nm of torque and an estimated range of 100 km (62 miles) per charge, depending on the riding mode and conditions. The design is so seamless that it takes an expert or keen observer to recognize it as an e-bike.

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The motor used is the patented Dual Mode Clutch Hub, which LEMMO assures is smooth, quiet, and powerful for urban commuting needs. In situations where the battery runs out or for a more traditional riding experience, users can easily remove the Smartpac, switch the motor to manual mode, and ride with zero resistance. Due to its large wheels and lightweight build, riders might find themselves using the manual mode more frequently than expected.

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