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WhatsApp New Limitations To Roll Out Worldwide – See Details

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WhatsApp New Limitations To Roll Out Worldwide – See Details-GadgetAny
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According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is setting a limitation on the number of forwarded messages by users. The massive spread of fake information has always been a concern worldwide. Unfortunately, social networking and communication apps like WhatsApp becomes an unsuspecting source in such scenarios. As a result, aside from creating unnecessary panic among the users, it also devalues the platform’s image. Therefore, WhatsApp rolled out a new limitation on the number of forwarded messages to avoid these hurdles.

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WhatsApp New Limitation feature has been active in Brazil for three years, restricting the users to limitedly forward messages at once on WhatsApp. Now, the restrictions are to roll out worldwide. Last month, it was only available to Android users. But at the end of the previous week, even iOS devices included the limitation. However, the restrictions apply to only the beta versions of the application – 

  • Beta version for Android
  • Beta version for iOS

How does the limitation work?

The current limitation does not allow users to forward an already forwarded message to multiple groups at once. However, a user originating the message faces no such limits, allowing them to forward it to multiple contacts or groups. Also, a user can send the forwarded message one at a time to different groups.


Therefore, in light of these few kinks, the WhatsApp New Limitation on forwarded messages is only accessible to beta users of WhatsApp. However, once these kinks resolve, the feature will be available to all WhatsApp users worldwide.

Besides that, WhatsApp also plans to replace the camera tab with Communities. “Communities” is a platform to connect all related groups in one community. Consequently, any community a user creates or gets added to will appear in the Communities tab. In a statement, WABetaInfo remarked, “It’s like a group chat at the moment, so nothing like a social network. Although, it’s still a private place between people protected by end-to-end encryption.”

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