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Mellow Smartwatch Provides Financial Literacy To 5-year Olds

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Mellow Smartwatch Provides Financial Literacy To 5-year Olds-GadgetAny

The Mellow smartwatch will teach your 5-year-old the importance of handling finances and contactless payments. The smartwatch is built for kids from 5 to 13 years.

The Mellow smartwatch is a colorful device with attractive features that teach children how to manage money efficiently and has a contactless payment facility and an array of security features. For example, the watch has a real-time GPS and blocks unknown numbers. The Mellow smartwatch also works like a phone on a 4G LTE network. Regarding the financial information leak, the company states that the smartwatch is EMVco and PCI DSS compliant, a security standard used by major credit companies.

With the help of a parental app, the watch has an inbuilt debit card linked to the parent’s account. Parents can assign a certain amount daily to the smartwatch with rules on how much and where the money should be spent. The contactless payment can be made wherever it is accepted, and these transactions appear on the parental app. In addition, the parents can keep a check on how their child is spending, and if it exceeds the accepted amount, the smartwatch notifies them to slow down.

Mellow Smartwatch

The fact that the screen is small is not an issue as the child’s hand is also tiny, which is ideal for typing and using the net. The smartwatch has some games too to engage the little ones. Mellow smartwatch aims at teaching kids about savings.

The smartwatch has all the necessary features that need to be in place when a child is using the device as young as five years old. Along with the finances, the smartwatch has additional features of a smartwatch.

Despite all these excellent features and knowledge that money is a must, the question remains; is it ok that a five-year-old child needs to learn and use money. The smartwatch may be suitable for a 13-year-old, but for a five-year-old, it seems debatable.

The Mellow smartwatch is going to be launched on Kickstarter on August 15th.

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