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Meta Connect 2023: Meta Quest 3, AI chatbot and more

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Meta Connect 2023: Meta Quest 3, AI chatbot and more-GadgetAny
Meta Connect 2023

Image credit : IGN

Meta is gearing up for its annual Connect event, focusing on VR, AR, and the metaverse. This year’s event will feature the unveiling of the Meta Quest 3 VR headset, second-generation Ray-Ban Stories updates, generative AI chatbots, and more. Connect will also mark the return of an in-person component, bringing liveliness back to the event.

The Meta Quest 3 VR headset, priced at $499, boasts a slimmed-down design, redesigned controllers, improved graphics, and a next-gen Qualcomm chipset for mixed-reality features. Additional details about its capabilities are expected to be revealed at Connect.

Meta is also rumored to be working on the second generation of its Ray-Ban-branded smart glasses, featuring better cameras and new features like livestreaming. While official launch details remain undisclosed, hints from Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth suggest updates on their plans.

Quest 3
Image credit : UploadVR

Meta has long teased augmented reality glasses, and it’s possible that this year’s event may provide insight into their progress. The company is reportedly preparing a wrist-based controller with AR applications, expected for release in 2025, serving as a precursor to full-fledged AR glasses slated for 2027.

In the realm of AI, Meta plans to introduce generative AI chatbots with distinct personalities to attract younger users. These chatbots will be integrated into Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and the metaverse apps. While some may find this concept cringeworthy, it underscores Meta’s commitment to leveraging AI for metaverse engagement.

Despite past challenges in promoting the metaverse vision, Meta is likely to highlight its AI investments during Connect. Recent AI advancements have garnered significant enthusiasm, potentially allowing Meta to present metaverse projects as cutting-edge AI innovation.

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With Connect’s keynote scheduled for September 27, attendees and viewers can anticipate insights into Meta’s hardware developments, AI initiatives, and metaverse strategy.

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