Microsoft Edge Web Browser Enables a Quick Access Command Bar

The new Command Bar allows quick access to various features of the Edge Web browser. Microsoft Edge has updated its web browser with the new Command Bar feature, allowing quick access to its features using custom commands. The Microsoft Edge Canary 105 lets its Command Bar run commands from a launcher integrated into the browser.

However, the feature differs from the Google Chrome address bar or the Quick Actions command feature in Firefox and has its own interface offering fast and smooth operation. 

The Quick access Command Bar

The new Microsoft Edge command bar sits below the address bar and is launched by pressing Ctrl+ Shift+ Space on your keyboard. Microsoft has officially named the bar the DevTools Command Palette. However, you can use various commands like open a new browsing window or tab, precise browsing data, view the source code, open the Extension store, print the page, switch to another profile, and open other apps like Stack Overflow.

Microsoft Edge Web Browser Enables a Quick Access Command Bar

The Command Bar updates the Edge Browser by supporting quick launching on commands. The keyboard shortcut users might find Edge’s new feature not very exciting as most commands get executed via the keyboard. However, others might find it useful for quick operation.

Users need the Microsoft Edge Canary version 105 or its latest updated version to enable using the Command Bar. While Microsoft is still developing the new feature, it hasn’t mentioned its upcoming releasing date. However, if the tool gets enough engagement, it will certainly become a part of the Microsoft Edge browser.

Microsoft has updated the Edge browser with the vision to level up with the leading browsing tools like Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. The brand has recently revealed that it was also working on upgrading the Edge Browser to allow users to use their most used browser tools together with the Edge browser. For example, users could try the Bing search, Games, Discover, Office, Outlook, etc., along with the internet speed tester and unit converter browsers with the Edge. Now that’s something to try out!

Microsoft Edge Web Browser Enables a Quick Access Command Bar

Furthermore, they recently announced that users would be allowed to click and pause all Microsoft Edge extensions from working on select websites. In addition, it would offer better control over specific extensions that run on sensitive or tricky websites.

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