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Microsoft’s Bing AI introduces contextual chat, widget to Android and iOS

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Microsoft’s Bing AI introduces contextual chat, widget to Android and iOS-GadgetAny

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With a new homescreen widget and numerous other changes, Microsoft is enhancing the Bing AI experience on Android and iOS.

Today, Microsoft announced in a blog post that Bing will gain a homescreen widget for both Android and iOS. With the new widget, users may use their voice or the keyboard to start Bing or the AI conversation feature. It’s a wonderful addition and one that comes before Google, which intends to release a comparable widget for Bard.

You may now carry on a discussion with the AI chatbot in the Bing app for mobile and desktop simultaneously. However, users will still need to scan a QR code in order to advance the conversation; it won’t be totally automatic. All users will get access to this “within the next week.”

Image credit : CNN

SwiftKey will now be supported by Microsoft when writing messages with Bing’s AI.

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The new contextual information-using capability of Bing AI in Microsoft Edge on iOS and Android is even more intriguing and additional. In addition to adding the capability to summarize that page upon request, this enables Bing to see the page you’re using and respond to queries with that added context. Select text is also compatible with this.

Microsoft explains:

With Bing Chat in the Edge mobile app, you can simply tap on the Chat icon on the bottom navigation bar and ask what wine would pair best with the recipe you’re viewing. You can also ask follow-up questions until you have exactly what you need.  With this feature, while reading an article or document online, you can also tap the Bing Chat icon and ask Chat to summarize the content for you – so you can get info quicker while you’re on the go!

Additionally, new “Witty” and “Funny” tones have been added to SwiftKey’s AI, translation integration has been added, and Bing AI is now accessible in all Skype group chats thanks to the most recent changes to Bing across platforms.

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