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Most Interesting Feature in Apple Watches, The Walkie Talkie

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Most Interesting Feature in Apple Watches, The Walkie Talkie-GadgetAny
Apple Watch's Walkie Talkie

Did you know that your Apple Watch comes with a walkie-talkie feature that is a fun and innovative way to connect with your family and friends?

The walkie-talkie is meant for quick and short messages between two people. With Apple Smartwatch Walkie-Talkie feature, you can always stay in touch with your loved ones and simultaneously disconnect if you are not in a mood or busy. All you need is an Apple phone with iOS 12.4, or higher and an Apple watch One Series with OS 5.3 or higher, and it connects through Bluetooth.

Make sure that the person you want to connect with also owns an appropriate Apple watch walkie talkie; in some regions, this feature is unavailable. Of note is that when you use the walkie-talkie app, you cannot talk simultaneously; you will have to wait for the other person to finish and then talk.

Apple Watch

The conventional walkie-talkies range between five to twenty miles depending on your location, as they use radio signals. But the Apple Watch’s range is not restricted as it uses Wi-Fi and cellular connections. So ideally, wherever you have a good internet or a cellular connection, you can use the app, and even international use is possible.

Below are some simple steps to set up your Apple Smartwatch walkie-talkie app:

  • Firstly check your watch’s internet connection.
  • Setup the FaceTime app on your iPhone to receive and make FaceTime audio calls.
  • Open the walkie-talkie app on the Apple watch walkie talkie, which is in yellow and black color.
  • Send an invitation to the person you want to connect with from the contact list.
  • Once the invitation is accepted, you will receive a notification, and the contact turns to yellow color; hold the talk button, and you can start chatting. You can talk with a single tap also.
  • Remember to let go of the button once you are done talking, as only after that action will the other person be able to hear you and speak.
  • If you have issues with the volume being too loud or low, turn to the digital Crown/home button for adjustments.
  • To accept the invitation, go to the notification box; the walkie-talkie pops up with the invite notification, then you click it and have received the invite to talk.

Apple Watch The initial setup takes about one minute, and it will be instantaneous later. You can remove the contacts from the walkie-talkie app; swipe the connection on the left and type X, and if you wish to add them back on the list, it can be done without difficulty.

If you are not in a mood or do not have time to talk, there is also an option. You can put it on the theater mode and make yourself invisible. Another option is to go to the walkie-talkie app and click on the Available card to turn it off. And if someone wants to connect when you are unavailable, a message with a request to talk will be left on the walkie-talkie, allowing you to have space and be related at the same time.

The walkie-talkie feature was added in 2018 but was not acknowledged by the end-users. Though the app can be used freely, the Wi-Fi usage charges may add up, and also, the walkie-talkie option is not available in all countries. Please ensure the FaceTime app is available, as it will not work without it. Go to the settings section, enable the FaceTime app to be confident, and check if the FaceTime app can use Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Apple Watch

The walkie-talkie is not like our regular phones that work on the network, so there are chances that you may not be able to connect at all times. For example, it may not work in remote places with no cell towers nearby. The Apple Watch’s walkie-talkie is like the good old-fashioned walkie-talkie but is enabled with the FaceTime app. The Apple watch walkie talkie was disabled in July 2019 temporarily as it violated users’ privacy.

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