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New FB Like Social Media Platform by Microsoft Teams Getting Us Excited

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New FB Like Social Media Platform by Microsoft Teams Getting Us Excited-GadgetAny
FB Like Social Media Platform by Microsoft Teams

Microsoft announced that Viva Engage would be integrated into the Teams and Microsoft 365 platforms. Viva Engage is the newest app and a business-oriented product designed to help people and teams connect more efficiently in the hybrid work environment. It helps the organizations to build a community including hybrid workers that will enhance engagement, share knowledge by asking questions and create a healthy bond with the coworkers. 

According to the Yammer and Viva CVP Murali Sitaram, “new capabilities to connect people, find and share knowledge, express [oneself], and find belonging at work,” introducing Viva Engage in the Microsoft Teams.

This social app, Viva Engage, is built on the foundation of Yammer and allows users to connect with their colleagues and share knowledge by posting stories. Additionally, Viva Engage allows users to interact through virtual events, conversations on the posts, make announcements, and send notifications which will deliver across Teams, Outlook, and Viva connections.

Social Media Platform by Microsoft Teams

Employees can build communities and expand their networks by sharing their work with coworkers using Viva Engage; also, by using the storyline feature of Viva Engage; users can share post and stories, which includes text, links, and images, to their communities to reach the followers in Microsoft Viva, Outlook, Teams, and Yammer.

You can access Microsoft Viva Engage on the web, desktop, and mobile versions of Microsoft Teams, which means you can use it frequently from anywhere to share the content like other social media apps.

The motto behind including the Viva Engage platform in Microsoft Teams is to connect workers from hybrid and remote work environments where employees find it difficult to interact with their coworkers. However, Yammer has been replaced by Viva engage, but you can still use it through web browsers and mobile apps, and the conversations, stories, and posts you shared on Yammer will be visible on the Viva Engage platform.

Social Media Platform by Microsoft Teams

Although, Microsoft revealed that in late August, it would rebrand Viva Engage as the community app in the Microsoft teams, in all versions, that is, web apps, desktop clients, and mobile apps. Also, Viva Engage will not charge additional costs for all current Microsoft 365 commercial customers, but a Yammer license is mandatory for the customers to use the app.


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