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Now leap into the world of adventure: New Amazfit outdoor watch is set to debut on May 18

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Zepp Health has hinted that a new Amazfit outdoor watch will soon be released. Our expectations for this release are either the T-Rex 3 or the upcoming Amazfit Falcon, both of which are scheduled to be officially unveiled on May 18. Due to its tough design and exceptional durability, the Amazfit T-Rex series has been a favorite among fitness enthusiasts and outdoor explorers. The T-Rex model's debut was a huge success, and subsequent iterations have maintained that success. The T-Rex 2 debuted in May 2022, while the T-Rex Ultra debuted in March of this year. The Ultra, on the other hand, is more of an interim update than a generational leap. Despite this, the T-Rex Ultra and T-Rex 2 cost very different amounts. While the second only costs $219, the first costs $399. You get a lot of value for the extra cost. This includes offline navigation, offline music storage, apps with a diving theme, additional health alerts, and Zepp Coach assistance. The Ultra also features the most recent Zepp OS 2.0 and a little more upscale design with some stainless steel components. The T-Rex series is remarkable, providing excellent value for the money and being a great substitute for more expensive Garmin models. This clock is unquestionably something to think about if you like different outdoor sports and tough situations. [caption id="attachment_173349" align="aligncenter" width="1429"]Amazfit Rex- Ultra Image credit : PR Newswire[/caption]

Is the T-Rex 3 from Amazfit going to land?

We didn't expect the T-Rex 3 until well into 2024, despite the T-Rex Ultra's recent debut. But it seems like we might see it sooner. Zepp Health has posted, earlier today, a video on social media teasing a new watch to be launched on May 18th. The post states “Can you guess which Amazfit smartwatch is launching soon?” and “Are you ready for the latest addition to your wrist”. The video hints at an outdoor-oriented watch, with accompanying text like “Let’s prepare for the ultimate adventure,” “Conquer the mountains,” and “Explore the underwater world.” Also read : Amazfit watches to get smarter with ChatGPT integration This might herald the launch of the T-Rex 3 given the absence of other outdoor watches from Zepp Health. If it were to be launched, it would follow the T-Rex Ultra and its predecessor by barely a year. However, with all of the improvements made to the Ultra, it is difficult to imagine what new functions the T-Rex 3 would provide. In the span of three months, two identical gadgets were produced? That isn't actually logical at all.

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