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Onlyfans model alias ‘Fake Barbie’, 23, stabbed boyfriend, 22

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Onlyfans model alias ‘Fake Barbie’, 23, stabbed boyfriend, 22-GadgetAny

After a night out at the bar, Bradley Lewis, 22, and Abigail White, 23, are reported to have argued and made the prediction.

The father of four’s heart was allegedly pierced by White after inserting a seven-inch knife into the crevice between his ribs.

Bristol Crown Court was informed that he had previously told her, “I don’t want to be with you anymore, Abi.”

Later, the pair proceeded to the Horseshoe tavern, where Alfie Pike overheard them arguing.

He claimed that when he asked Bradley what was going on, he was told that White was “going crazy,” according to a statement read to the jury.

When Bradley wanted to go, he claimed White “swept” her “two or three pints” off the table.

The model reportedly demanded, “Who the f**k are you,” when a woman came over to see what was going on.

The woman’s partner allegedly smacked her back after she slapped her.

White allegedly yelled at Bradley for “letting the man hit her” after he intervened.

Then Mr. Pike offered the pair a ride home, telling the jury that Bradley had said, “I’m dead when I get home.”

Minutes before White attacked him, at 7.54 p.m., he received a call from a friend.

Prior to the trial, the jury was informed of how White had screamed and fled into the garden when she was unable to get 999.

When a neighbor overheard the screaming and hurried over to investigate, he found Bradley laying on his back.

It was said that a seven-inch knife had been set on top of the radiator cover in the corridor.

After being taken to the hospital urgently, he was unable to be saved and was pronounced dead the following day.

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