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Part One of The Last of Us PC Long Shader Loading Times and Memory Leak Problems Are Being Investigated

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Image Source: Game Informer The Last Of Us Part I was finally launched on PC yesterday, but it is apparent that Naughty Dog's popular franchise deserved a far better start, since the version is afflicted by a number of flaws that prohibit it from being playable by a wide range of players. Naughty Dog took to Twitter a few hours after the game was released on Steam and the Epic Games Store to update players on the PC port of their game, confirming they are currently looking into a variety of issues, including long shader loading times, performance and stability issues when shaders are loading in the background, boot, and memory leak issues. Patches are being developed and will be made available as soon as feasible, according to the official support website. With so many flaws, one wonders where The Last of Us Part I PC port was when it was postponed last month. In recent months, PC ports of previous PlayStation exclusives have been flawless, so it will be fascinating to see what caused this dismal launch. Iron Galaxy, the company responsible for the horrible Batman: Arkham Knight adaptation, worked on it, which didn't inspire much confidence, yet the studio did make a respectable PC version with the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection. Whenever The Last of Us Part I is repaired on PC, gamers will be in for a treat, since it is the definitive version of one of the finest games ever developed, even if the absence of the original's multiplayer component detracts from the experience. The Last of Us Part 1 is currently available globally on PC and PlayStation 5. We will keep you updated on future updates as more information becomes available, so stay tuned for all the latest information.

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