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Pixel Watch to Copy a Feature From Apple Watch

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Pixel Watch to Copy a Feature From Apple Watch-GadgetAny
Google Pixel Watch

A fall detection feature on the Apple Watch can contact emergency services if it notices a sudden, severe fall. Now, Google wants to give the Pixel Watch the same features.

The Fitbit Sleep Profile, which was confirmed back in November. and enhanced Tiles for weather and contacts are among the software upgrades that Google today said are now being rolled out to the Pixel Watch. In addition, the firm announced a feature that would be available in 2023. According to the company, “coming in 2023, Pixel Watch will be equipped with Fall Detection, which will alert emergency services if the Watch feels you’ve taken a hard fall and are unresponsive.”

The Apple Watch Series 4 introduced fall detection, which soon established itself as a key selling factor for the watch. Since then, the majority of Apple’s press conferences have had a part highlighting individuals who may have passed away (or at the very least sustained more severe injuries) without the automated emergency call. It has also been frequently promoted in ads. Similar feature is available on a few other fitness and monitoring gadgets, but neither the Pixel Watch nor any of Google’s Fitbit devices have it.


When the Pixel Watch is released, the fall detection feature might prove to be a very useful addition. Similar functionality is available on Samsung’s Galaxy Watch models, however results from field testing have been inconsistent. That could be another explanation for why Samsung hasn’t made fall detection as widely known as Apple.

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