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Really? Were the critics wrong all along? Windows 11 is better than 10

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Really? Were the critics wrong all along? Windows 11 is better than 10-GadgetAny
Windows 11 vs windows 10

The critics have bashed the Windows 11 OS mercilessly, but does it mean it is no good to Windows 10? No, there are some aspects and features of Windows 11 that are better than Windows 10.

People were disappointed as this new Windows 11 OS didn’t rise up to their expectations, and many of them encountered issues such as error code 0x8007007f, performance issues on some AMD Ryzen CPUs, Intel Killer networking software and Windows 11 issues, Oracle VirtualBox issues, Cc Cc browser compatibility issues, and so on.

But here are some things that Windows 11 does better than Windows 10.

  • Minimalistic approach right from the beginning

Installation is pretty simple and after that, you simply go through some privacy settings, check and log in to your Microsoft account, and you’re ready to go. The settings are simple, unlike the Windows 10 here the Cortana is turned off by default, and the start menu has been pared down to only the essentials. You also won’t be seeing any popups or setups as it used to be Windows 10.

  • The “out of the box” (OOBE) experience

Windows 11 provides a terrific experience right out of the box, with a quick boot procedure that visually introduces you to the look and feel of the operating system while walking you through what Windows does and what information you’ll need to get it started.

  • Enhanced gaming performance

It supports DirectX 12 Ultimate, which gives supported games higher visuals and frame rates. Many new game titles include specialized visual settings that use DirectX 12 Ultimate to improve performance and graphics. 

  • Better at managing background processes

Windows 10 comes preloaded with a number of extra background programs, including OneDrive and Skype. By default, Windows 11 runs fewer background apps/processes, and the resource allocation mechanism has been modified to prioritize foreground apps.

Windows 11 vs windows 10

  • Snap view

With the enhanced Snap View, you may snap your window by hovering your mouse over the classic “full screen” symbol in the top-right corner of the window and selecting one of a limited number of templates. The additional windows can be placed in the rest of your screen space.

  • Ease to run Android apps 

Microsoft has partnered with Amazon Appstore and Intel to allow you to utilize Android apps natively in Windows 11. With the next update, many of your favorite Android apps will soon be available to download from the Microsoft Store and operate in an Android subsystem right inside Windows 11.

  • Handy Widgets

The widgets in Windows 11 will provide you with personalized information such as Stocks, weather, sports, esports, entertainment, photographs, and more.

  • New Start menu and taskbar

In Windows 11 the taskbar is highly customizable. From the settings, you can relocate the icons to the left side, restore Cortana, remove/add icons, and adjust taskbar behavior. Although there isn’t much you can do with the Start menu, it is better than Windows 10 overall.

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