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Ring Intercom Can Be the Future of Smarthome for Those Living in Apartments

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Today, Amazon announced the rare addition of Ring Intercom to its smartphone benefaction. The product is curated specifically for the people living in apartments as an add-on to existing apartment intercom systems.  Basically, the Ring Intercom will enable you to change your current Intercom so that you can hear, see and speak to guests from everywhere. To better understand its working, the company has created a quick online questionnaire to determine whether your current plan will work with the new product. In addition, you can visit the official website of Ring intercom to get all answers regarding the installation and durability. The company explains its functionality in a press release like this, “Ring Intercom utilizes the existing compatible intercom system to trigger encrypted Two-Way Talk via the Ring app, meaning users can only answer calls from someone buzzing their apartment building door. In addition, the Ring app makes it easy to tailor specific privacy and security settings, with the ability to manage Shared Users and enable and revoke access anytime.” However, you may need to discuss with your building’s owner if you’re renting your property, but Ring states this system is easy enough for anyone to install. Subsequently, it entirely operates over Wi-Fi; the system fills many roles, bringing Remote Unlock for trusted users and creating a group of “shared users,” who will be able to reverberate themselves into the building through the app compatible with the intercom device. However, its Auto-Verified Guests feature won’t be available at launch. Still, when it remains active, it will be possible to assign “keys” to visitors, which can be rescinded whenever.  Considerably, it can prove to be a boon for Airbnb rentals. Furthermore, it’s also compatible with Amazon Delivery services, allowing users to let drivers in automatically. Till now, the product is only available in Europe. On October 26, it’ll be available in the UK and Germany and then come to France, Spain, and Italy early next year. As the company noticed, communal buildings are far more common in Europe than in the United States. The Ring has affirmed that the Intercom will be available to the United States sometime during 2023, without a firm date confirmed. Meanwhile, in the UK, the price starts at £120, with a bundle including an extra battery pack coming in at £150. As with many Ring products, an introductory offer decreases the price to £90 if you pre-order, so you should expect regular deals on the new Intercom once it’s on sale.

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