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Samsung’s $450 Flagship Proves To Be Better Than the iPhone14 In One Way

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Image Source: PCMag Despite the fact that the iPhone 5C was mostly a disappointment, it was the first time Apple offered vivid colors to the iPhone portfolio. It stopped with the colors for a few years until the iPhone XR arrived, which brought back interesting iPhone hues. Since then, Apple has made the normal iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 available in a variety of more aesthetically appealing colors, but the iPhone Pro devices have remained in more "professional" colors.

How is the iPhone 14 considered purple at all?

Have you ever actually seen the "purple" iPhone 14? To be honest, it doesn't appear purple to me; it's more of an off-white tint with a trace of lavender. It's even barely presentable as "lavender," and it's humiliating that Apple even calls this purple. [caption id="attachment_138128" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]iPhone purple Image Source: Apple[/caption]

iOS 17 may be an unexpectedly large upgrade; here's what it may change.

Release date and pricing projections for the iPhone 15, leaks, speculations, and more Apple introduced a purple iPhone 12 mid-cycle, similar to the recently announced yellow iPhone 14. The purple iPhone 12 was stunning in my opinion, and that is what comes to mind when I think of a "purple" iPhone (though I would have preferred something more like royal purple myself). There was also a purple iPhone 11, which was also quite horrible, and it appears that Apple has gone back to that (perhaps even worse) way with the purple iPhone 14. Apple hasn't always been excellent with product colors in the past. Consider "Space Gray," which debuted with the iPhone 5 in 2013 and was recognized for its subtle grey tones with metallic accents. This one hue appears to have changed every year on each device that uses it over time until Apple effectively replaced Space Gray with Space Black on the iPhone. Let's take a look at the iPhone Pro range as well. People like me have been begging for additional "fun" colors to be launched for iPhone Pro devices for years since it appears that Apple believes professionals don't appreciate color. The Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro was one of Apple's best-selling hues, and Sierra Blue on the iPhone 13 Pro just wasn't the same. I got a Deep Purple iPhone 14 Pro since I appreciate having the latest color, however, I was expecting more purple. I believe the Deep Purple appears purple when held at the appropriate angle in the right light. Yet, in general, I believe it's hardly perceptible, and it almost appears like Space Black if you're not paying attention.

Samsung gets the color right, particularly with the purple Galaxy A54

When Samsung unveiled its new Galaxy A54, I fell in love with it right away – at least in terms of colors. I have to agree that Samsung's purple and green colors are "Fantastic Violet" and "Great Lime Green." The Amazing Violet color is stunning, and precisely what comes to mind when you mention a 'purple phone'. Even the aluminum frame is a lovely purple. To be honest, the purple A54 is exactly what I hoped the purple iPhone 14 would look like. It's vivid, colorful, and just entertaining. Also, you can easily tell that it's purple, but the iPhone 14 needs you to strain incredibly hard to even notice the faintest tinge of lavender that Apple refers to as "purple." [caption id="attachment_138129" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Samsung Galaxy Fun Colors Image Source: GSMArena[/caption]

More vibrant phone colors are required

Maybe it's just me, but I'm sick of seeing Apple and other smartphone makers stick with "safe" phone hues like black, white, and gold. As much as I like the Samsung Galaxy S23,, I'm not crazy about the non-exclusive colors that Samsung released. I wish it was available in the pink/gold or violet hues as its predecessor was. I'd like to see Apple experiment with new iPhone colors, particularly on the Pro range. Remember when Apple adopted bright colors with the iMac in 1999? Please put those types of colors on the iPhone. Wouldn't it be great if we could have something from Apple, like Huawei’s P30 Pro? There were some brightly colored phones. And if you're going to make anything "purple," make it genuinely purple, not some drab and bland off-white hue that no one can tell is purple.

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