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'She can't buy home with regular job due to housing crisis so she took to OnlyFans'

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Due to her popularity on OnlyFans, Melbourne, Australia native Emily, 32, earns about £173,000 annually. She claims that if she didn't work her job, she wouldn't be able to purchase a home due to the housing crisis. Nowadays, it's common for people to quit their regular occupations to work on racy websites like OnlyFans. Why, though, is it the case?Emily Mai Image: Instagram For Emily Mai, it's one of the few financially viable choices in a housing market that is becoming increasingly pricey and out of reach for the majority of people. Emily, 32, from Melbourne, Australia, is fortunate to have such a lucrative career; she earns about £173,000 annually from OnlyFans.. When she was expecting her second kid, this content's popularity remained solid.Emily Mai Image: Instagram According to the top Australian content creator, who recently bought a second home with the money she received from OnlyFans, people with "normal" jobs and wages are no longer able to make ends meet without facing severe hardship.

“Forget property ownership, many people – since the pandemic, dare I say most people – can’t even afford regular rental properties these days, which are far and few between thanks to lack of availability and the market driving prices up,” she says.Emily Mai

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“Ever-rising inflation, stagnant wages, food, medicine, the cost of driving to your job… we are in a serious crisis, and many people are turning to sex work because, quite frankly, it pays the bills.”

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Emily paid off her first home in less than five years and bought the second property as insurance in “building a better future for my children”.

She was always pressured to follow the traditional route of working her way up the corporate ladder in an office job “because it’s what my strict, conventional Asian parents wanted for me, but I was so unhappy in all of my jobs”.Emily Mai

Image: Instagram Entering the adult industry, and specifically working as an OnlyFans creator, is when Emily started making real money and said goodbye to regular employment. “Even though my family doesn’t approve, they know I'm setting up a future so my kids don't live in commission housing, on Centrelink benefits or get Christmas presents from charities like I did," she shared.Emily Mai Image: Instagram “I can’t afford a home with a regular job; we’ve got a real crisis in our communities, and something needs to be done to benefit middle and low-income people in terms of housing and living affordability.
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“I made what I believe to be the right choice for my family, and I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to make a living this way, and I truly enjoy it. And I’m not going to apologize for it.” Before the career she has now, Emily was working in “boring” administrative office jobs that left her unfulfilled.

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