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Snap Announces New Ad Products for Spotlight and Stories

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source: 91mobiles Snap, the company behind the popular social media app Snapchat, has announced new ad products for its Spotlight and Stories features. The new products include sponsored links in My AI, which will allow advertisers to include links in augmented reality (AR) lenses, and new ad formats for Spotlight and Stories. Here are the details:
  1. Sponsored Links in My AI Snap is testing a new feature called Sponsored Links in My AI, which will allow advertisers to include links in AR lenses. This will enable users to purchase products or access additional content directly from the lens.
  2. New Ad Formats for Spotlight Snap is introducing new ad formats for Spotlight, its short-form video feature. The new formats include interactive ads that allow users to engage with the content and branded content that is integrated into the Spotlight experience.
  3. New Ad Products for Stories Snap is also rolling out new ad products for Stories, including new templates for sponsored posts and the ability for advertisers to purchase ad space within specific categories, such as travel or fashion.
[caption id="attachment_168703" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] source: 91mobiles[/caption] These new ad products and formats are part of Snap's ongoing efforts to expand its advertising offerings and monetize its platform. By offering new ways for advertisers to reach its user base, Snap is hoping to increase revenue and attract more advertisers to its platform. However, the introduction of new ad products and formats also raises concerns about the user experience and privacy implications. Snap will need to ensure that the new ads are not intrusive and that user data is protected. Also read: Meta to Use AI to Revolutionize Ad Creation Overall, these new ad products and formats represent an exciting development for Snap and could offer new opportunities for both advertisers and users on the platform.

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