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Solterra SUV by Subaru Most Awaited Electric Car – Price out now

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Solterra SUV by Subaru Most Awaited Electric Car – Price out now-GadgetAny
Solterra SUV by Subaru

Recently, Subaru revealed the price for its first all-electric vehicle Solterra SUV starting at $44,995. Unfortunately, its price is $3000 more than the Toyota bZ4X. However, like all Subaru vehicles, it will have a standard all-wheel drive. Additionally, the “Limited” and “Touring” trim versions start at $48,495 and $51,995. Plus, all models will cost an extra $1,225 with destination and delivery charges. 

Moreover, according to Subaru, the Solterra will possess up to a 228-mile range. In addition, the electric SUV will charge 80% in under an hour. Besides that, the Limited and Touring models will consist of roof rails, wireless charging, and a glass roof. Plus, the company boasts that the all-electric will possess “go-anywhere capability.” Unfortunately, however, there is no option to add more range to the Solterra SUV. 

Interestingly, the Solterrs SUV and the bZ4X (a front-wheel-drive model starting at $42,000) are based on the same platform. And, for an all-wheel drive for bZ4X, customers have to pay $2,000 extra, which (in total) is still less than Solterra’s price.

Solterra SUV by Subaru

Similarities and differences between bZ4X and Solterra

Both the all-electric cars have nearly the same range with all-wheel-drive models, X-Mode off-road assistance, and infotainment systems. But, the Solterra SUV will come equipped with 0.2 extra inches of ground clearance.

Furthermore, there are various differences one can notice between Toyota’s bZ4X and Subaru’s Solterra. For example, apart from their different colors, the front design of the cars differs, specifically the headlights and grille.

Most notably is the federal tax credit eligibility concerning both cars. Subaru assures its customers that the Solterra SUV is eligible for the full $7,500 federal tax credit. However, the Toyota bZ4X might not have that advantage a year from now. Hence, this might make the Subaru Solterra SUV slightly more appealing to EV buyers despite its shockingly high price.

Solterra SUV by Subaru interior

Additionally, besides bZ4X, there are other EV competitors for the Solterra SUV. Examples are the $40,900 Kia EV6, $33,500 Chevy Bolt EUV, $42,690 Tesla Model 3, and the Rivian. However, even these EVs have their individual limitations. The Model 3, for one, is not eligible for tax incentives and costs an extra $9,000 for the AWD version. And the Kia EV6 and Chevy Bolt EUV aren’t that sturdy. So, it is a tough decision for any EV buyer in any case. Lastly, the Solterra SUV will “begin arriving in limited numbers at Subaru retailers this summer,” as stated by the company.

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